First Apple Watch Series 4 Unboxing Video

Apart from the first set of Apple Watch Series 4 reviews, the first unboxing video of the wearable is now also live on YouTube. The unboxing video shows how the packaging of the Apple Watch Series 4 has changed from previous versions of the watch.

The new retail box of the Apple Watch Series 4 puts the actual device inside a small pouch of its own. The power adapter and the wireless charging adapter are packed separately in the box. Make sure to watch the full video below to know how the Apple Watch Series 4 performs in various scenarios as well.

The first set of Apple Watch Series 4 reviews largely praise the wearable for its slimmer design, bigger display, and ‘all-day’ battery life. Given the improvements Apple has made with Apple Watch Series 4, it is now easily the best wearable around, with no other smartwatch coming close to it.

It is definitely a pricey investment though, with a starting price tag of $399 that can easily run up to $500 or more. If you are still in two minds about the Apple Watch Series 4, make sure to go through our review roundup. If you can afford it and are coming from an older Apple Watch, the Series 4 is a no-brainer.

Do you plan on buying the Apple Watch Series 4?