How to Use Advanced Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch in watchOS 5

Apple Watch Do Not Disturb watchOS 5

After years of neglect, Apple is finally paying some attention to Do Not Disturb features on iPhone and Apple Watch. With the iOS 12 and watchOS 5 update, you get a lot more control over just how and when your Apple device can get your attention (by sending a notification or by tapping on your wrist).

There’s an easy way to instantly disable notifications from Apple Watch, to quiet them down for a while. But the biggest new feature is that Do Not Disturb finally breaks the mold of simply being an on-off switch.

The New Do Not Disturb Features on Apple Watch in watchOS 5

Do Not Disturb now works contextually. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the Control Center. Tap on the half moon icon and you’ll see a new menu.

Here, depending on your device, the time and what’s in your calendar, you’ll see half a dozen options.

If you just want to turn on Do Not Disturb mode indefinitely, tap on the On option.

Do Not Disturb Advanced watchoOS 5 2

But what you’ll most likely want to do is use one of the newer options.

On for 1 hour: This will automatically turn off Do Not Disturb after an hour.

On until this evening: Do Not Disturb will turn off right after sunset. If you’re heading into an important afternoon meeting, choose this option.

Do Not Disturb Advanced watchoOS 5 1

On until I leave: Do Not Disturb feature will be disabled automatically once you leave the current geofence area.

On until end of the event: If you have an ongoing calendar event, you’ll see this option show up. This is a great new feature and a simple way to make sure that your iPhone doesn’t go off in the middle of a meeting.

How Do You Manage Notifications on Apple Watch?

Do you have notifications for every app enabled on Apple Watch? Or do you only allow specific apps? Share with us in the comments below.