How to Enable and Use the New Thesaurus on iPhone and iPad in iOS 12

iOS 12 Thesaurus Featured

iOS 12 is filled with little features that will add to your iPhone and iPad experience. Just like the easier force quitting gesture for apps on iPhone X. The Thesaurus addition to the Look Up section is in the similar vein. Life changing? Maybe not, but damn useful when you might need it? Definitely.

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How to Enable Thesaurus in iOS 12

iOS 12 has a new option for the Dictionary settings. You can now add Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus to the Dictionary section in Look Up.

Step 1: Open the Settings app and go to General.

iOS 12 Thesaurus 2

Step 2: From here, find the Dictionary section.

Step 3: From the list, tap on American English – Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus option.

Step 4: Give it some time while the thesaurus downloads in the background. Once it’s downloaded, you can start using it.

How to Use Thesaurus on iOS 12

Step 1: You can now look up synonyms for any word easily! Tap and hold on a word till you see the popup.

Step 2: From here, select the Look Up option.

iOS 12 Thesaurus 1

Step 3: The familiar Look Up screen will now show up in as a popup.

Step 4: If the relevant information is available, you’ll see it in the Thesaurus section.

Do You Use a Dictionary App on Your iPhone or iPad?

Do you use a special dictionary app on your iPhone or you just make do with the built-in Look Up feature? Share with us in the comments below.