iOS 12.1 Simulator Shows Support for Virtualized 4K External Displays, May Hint at USB-C iPad Pro

iOS 12.1 simulator hints at USB-C port in new iPad Pro

Rumor had it that Apple was going to announce brand new iPad Pro models earlier this month, but that ultimately didn’t happen. Which means there’s still room for an event next month!

Earlier this week, Apple seeded the first developer beta of iOS 12.1, and it has already shown off quite a bit that Apple probably wasn’t ready to get out there (but should have expected it to). Before we today we saw that Apple is gearing up for landscape support with Face ID, which is not currently supported in current hardware, hinting that a future iPad Pro model will indeed get the feature.

Now, developer Steve Troughton-Smith has taken to Twitter to reveal that the iOS 12.1 simulator reveals that the future software will support 4K external displays. As noted in Troughton-Smith’s tweet, that is “not possible on any existing iOS device via the Lightning HDMI adapter”. That seems to suggest that Apple is indeed planning on making an important switch with the 2018 iPad Pro models: USB Type-C support.

Of course, nothing is confirmed just yet. The rumor mill has been working for quite some time painting a picture that Apple is switching to USB-C for the new iPad Pro models that will launch this year, but Apple has yet to actually announce anything yet, so nothing is guaranteed.

As it stands right now, a switch to USB-C for the iPad Pro would probably be good news moving forward, but it could also rile up feathers for the folks who expected the company to switch to USB-C for the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR as well, but we know did not.

[via @stroughtonsmith]