Foxconn Reportedly Assembling Nearly 300,000 Units of the iPhone XR Per Day

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Going by social media, it appears like the iPhone XR was the most popular iPhone among the three that was unveiled by Apple on Wednesday. A new report coming out of Chinese media sources suggest that the company is ramping up production in anticipation of the expected demand. It is said that the Chinese media was granted permission to tour the Foxconn premises to get a better understanding of the situation.

The report claims that Foxconn is capable, in theory, of producing 303,000 units of the iPhone XR each day. However, accounting for a failure rate of 7% (with 93% yield), the number comes down to about 281,000. Moreover, 590 iPhone XRs are produced per hour across Foxconn’s 27 plants.

Given the expected demand, Foxconn is believed to have shifted the majority of its workforce to its assembly unit in the Chinese city of¬†Zhengzhou, which not surprisingly, is also known as “iPhone City.” If the data is to be believed, nearly 32,000 single shift employees are involved with the production of the iPhone XR assembly in some capacity.

Strangely, months before the iPhone XR was unveiled, there were reports of Japan Display getting low yields for the LCD panels that are required for the iPhone XR. So this could well be a marketing ploy by Foxconn to divert attention from any talk about supply issues.

Starting at $749, the iPhone XR is just as good as the iPhone XS and the XS Max, but with an LCD panel instead of the OLED panel that the latter phones use. The rest of the hardware, however, for the most part, remains unchanged. This means that customers are more likely to get the iPhone XR instead of the exorbitantly priced iPhone XS or XS Max.

Initial reports mention that the iPhone XS Max models have almost sold out with Apple’s website now pegging a tentative shipping date of 1-2 weeks. The same can’t be said about the iPhone XR, however, as it won’t be available for purchase until October. This is a reverse of the situation from last year when Apple launched the cheaper iPhones first, followed by the iPhone X in November.

If you’re still torn between the iPhone XS and the XR, this post might help you make the choice.