iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max Hands-On Roundup

Earlier today, Apple officially unveiled its newest flagship smartphones: the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max.

And now that all the chaos of the announcements are over, those on site were able to get some quality time with each of the handsets. While brief, it looks like those in attendance who put up their thoughts on the new handsets walked away happy enough with what Apple introduced in this “S-upgrade” year. Below, you can find the quick hands-on reports from a variety of publications:

The Verge

    “The screen and glass are apparently better than on last year’s phone, but not so much so that I would upgrade for either on their own. The hands-on area was also a little too loud to really get a sense of the new stereo speakers. But look: these are the most high-quality phones I’ve touched, which is one of those things that is expected of new iPhones, and it’s good to just be able to say that Apple delivered.”

iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max hands-on from SlashGear


    “In fact, with a body about the same size as that of the iPhone 8 Plus, only with a far bigger screen, it’s oddly familiar to hold in the hand. Where the surprise (and, frankly, delight) comes in is when you turn that screen off. iOS has never had so much room to work on, at least not in a device you can hold – and use – single-handed. I suspect a lot of people who might ostensibly discount 6.5-inches as too much to handle may find themselves changing their mind when they actually make it to an Apple Store.”

Engadget's hands-on with the iPhone Xs


    “That is, unless you wanted a bigger version. The iPhone Xs Max is the closest Apple has ever come to full-on smartphone overkill. That’s mostly because of the phone’s massive display — at 6.5-inches diagonal, this is the biggest screen that Apple has ever squeezed into a smartphone. To say it’s a handful is putting it very mildly, but here’s the really crazy thing: it’s surprisingly light, almost shockingly so. That might not sound like something to get worked up over, but take it from me, a habitual phablet fan: every fraction of an ounce a company can shave off a phone’s weight means my old-man wrist won’t hurt quite as much in the long term.”

CNBC's hands-on with the iPhone Xs Max


    “I like the cameras, too. Portrait Mode on the iPhone X is stellar, but with the new phones you can adjust the “bokeh” or the amount of blur in the background. That’s something we haven’t seen on an iPhone before, either, and it adjusted immediately when I tried it during a quick demo.

    Finally, I’m not a fan of gold phones but these look pretty awesome. The gold-colored steel running around the edges really shines, much more than the black does on my iPhone X. It’s a little gaudy, but some people like that extra bling.”

iPhone Xs Max hands-on from TechCrunch


    “It’s worth noting, of course, that those bits and bobs are relatively iterative, as is custom with the “s” suffix. The specs also look remarkably similar between the XS and XS Max: dual rear-facing 12-megapixel cameras, A12 Bionic chip, HDR display (though the Max naturally, has more pixels, while both work out to 458 PPI). I suspect this decision was made, in part, to help keep the newer, bigger phone at “just” $100 over its predecessor.”

    So, now that Apple’s new iPhones are officially official, which one are you getting?