iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Owners Complaining About Their Devices Are Not Charging Automatically When Plugged in

iPhone Xs Max back

A number of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max owners are complaining about their device not charging automaticallyy when connected to a power source.

The issue also seems to affect older iPhones and iPads running iOS 12, though widely iPhone XS owners seem to be affected by it the most.

Users have to ensure that the display of their device is turned on and then plug in Lightning cable again to start charging their devices. YouTuber Unbox Therapy has also posted a video about the same highlighting how certain iPhone XS units will not charge until their display is turned on.

When one plugs in their iPhone or iPad to charge, the display will automatically light up and the device will start charging. However, affected iPhone XS or older iPhone units will not start charging and their display will not light up automatically either. Users will have to wake up the display on their own and then replug the cable for the device to start charging again.

Some users have reported that turning off USB Restricted Mode has helped solve the issue for them.

Since the issue seems to affect older iPhones and iPads as well, its likely being caused due to a bug in iOS 12. Now that this bug has gotten the media attention, Apple will likely work on rolling out a fix for it as soon as possible.

Are you facing a similar issue on your iPhone XS, older iPhone, or iPad after updating to iOS 12? Drop a comment and let us know!