Some iPhone XS Owners Are Experiencing Poor Cell and Wi-Fi Reception

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max went on sale last Friday, and now that the handset are out in the wild, new owners are starting to put their handsets to the test. Unfortunately, when it comes to network reception, some aren’t so happy with the results.

A growing thread on Reddit shows that many iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max owners are noticing that their network reception has decreased in comparison to older iPhone models they owned. In some cases it’s the iPhone X these new owners are comparing to, while others were owners of the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. In these cases, the owners say that their network reception has decreased noticeably compared to those older models:

“iPhone Xs Max Verizon, my signal has decreased. My 8 plus had better signal and speeds”

“Previously had 8 plus. My house has always maintained 2 bars of lte with occasional drop to a solid 1 bar. Never had disconnect issues, could still watch videos on that 1 bar, etc. now have xs max and mostly have 1 bar. Occasionally 2. Occasionally zero and searching for service. Very disappointed and a noticeable negative difference. I thought I had a defective device and had Verizon swap it out today. New unit has the same issues. I love this screen but I may have to downgrade back to my 8 plus.”

The thread is growing, with folks stepping in to say that their new iPhone has some reception issues. Related, some owners are saying their network reception is fine, but that their Wi-Fi download speeds have been impacted after the hardware upgrade:

“I have T-Mobile and I’ve noticed the signal is about the same as I had on my iPhone X. HOWEVER, I have way slower WiFi speeds and it’s constantly sticking to 2.4ghz rather than 5ghz and the speeds are a fraction of what I had previously.”

It’s possible that this could be network congestion, with so many different new handsets being activated on the network around the same time. It’s certainly possible that these speeds level out, and network reception actually improves, in the days and weeks ahead. That’s the hope, at least.

And it isn’t all bad news, either. Some iPhone XS owners are actually saying they’re seeing better reception in their area:

“I have T-Mobile as well. I’m getting 1 bar of service in the corners of my gym that I would have no service with on the X. Band 71 isn’t live in my city yet, so I’m patiently waiting for that.”

“Carrier: AT&T

I have the iPhone XS now, and I’m coming from an iPhone 8 (Qualcomm version) and iPhone 6S.

I live close to a cell tower, and usually have “full bars” with every phone.

My iPhone XS seems to have the same reception as my previous phones.

What I definitely notice with it is that my cellular speeds at home are crazy fast. ~130 Mbps down (same as my home cable internet) and ~35 Mbps up (way faster than my home cable internet). So things are generally faster with WiFi off!

I think I’m also using the same SIM card that I’ve had since the iPhone 6S was new. I moved it from that phone to the iPhone 8, and then from there to my iPhone XS.”

This could be a particularly frustrating situation for iPhone XS owners, considering how important network reception is overall. But after upgrading to new hardware one doesn’t expect the experience to get worse. That can make the justification for spending the money a lot harder.

How is your network reception experience so far if you’ve upgraded to the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max? Check our post on how to fix Wi-fi problems on your iPhone.

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