Kuo: 2018 iPad Pro to Switch to USB-C, Apple Watch Series 4 to Feature ECG

Kuo 2018 iPhone, ipad pro prediction

Ming-Chi Kuo in his latest note has made several predictions regarding upcoming Apple products including the Apple Watch Series 4, AirPods 2, and 2018 iPad Pros.

2018 iPad Pros

For the 2018 iPad Pro, Kuo expects Apple to replace the Lightning connector with USB-C. If true, this would be an unexpected move from Apple. Additionally, Kuo believes that Apple will bundle an 18W USB-C charger with its 2018 iPad Pros, up from the 5W adapter it currently bundles with them. This will allow for the tablets to charge faster than usual.

He also reaffirms that the 11-inch and 12.9-inch tablets will come with Face ID and ditch Touch ID completely.

2018 iPhones

Kuo claims that Apple will continue to bundle a 5W power adapter with its 2018 iPhones. This goes against all the rumors and reports we have heard so far which claimed that Apple will ship them its 2018 iPhone lineup with an 18W USB-C adapter. Apple debuted fast charging support on its iPhone lineup last year itself but continued to bundle a 5W charger with the iPhones. This ensured that despite fast charging being present, most users simply could not enjoy it as they were unaware of the feature being present and Apple did not bundle a faster charger either.

He also says that despite supply constraints, Apple will be launching the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone in “late Sept-early October.” The supplies of the handset will be limited at launch due to issues with assembly and display.

Apple Watch Series 4

For Apple’s upcoming wearable, Kuo believes Apple will ship them with thinner bezels. All Apple Watch Series 4 variants will also come with ceramic backs. Some Apple Watch variants currently ship with a composite back. The biggest revelation from the analyst, however, is support for electrocardiography (ECG). If this indeed turns out to be true, hoards of people could switch over to the Apple Watch Series 4 for this functionality alone.

New Low-Cost MacBook

Kuo says that the new low-cost MacBook from Apple will replace the existing 12-inch MacBook in its lineup. This new MacBook will feature Touch ID, though lack TouchBar to keep its price in check.

While Kuo’s latest note reiterates most of the information we have already heard previously, he does make some bold predictions as well. Apple switching to USB-C on its iPad Pro lineup will definitely be a big deal, though for now, its a piece of info that is very hard to digest. The news of Apple deciding to bundle a 5W adapter with its 2018 iPhones is also disappointing.

[Via MacRumors]