LG Display Becomes Second OLED Supplier For New iPhones

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An Electronic Times report claims that LG Display has been picked up by Apple as the second OLED supplier for iPhones. Up until the iPhone X, Apple solely sourced OLED panels from Samsung.

LG Display and Apple both declined to comment on the report. However, if true, this would be in line with previous reports of LG Display supplying OLED panels to Apple for the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max. This would translate into a huge win for LG’s display business which has been struggling to churn out quality OLED panels on a scale to attract other Android OEMs.

The source claims that LG Display’s 6th generation OLED panels passed Apple’s quality tests after which the company decided to use the OLED panels in its new iPhones. LG Display will start mass producing the OLED panels at its two manufacturing lines in its E6 plant.

Apple had reportedly invested upwards of $2.6 billion in LG Display to help the latter in setting up its OLED panels. Even if LG Display is indeed supplying OLED panels to Apple, it will likely be doing so in relatively low quantities as it simply does not have enough resources to produce quality OLED panels on a scale as required by Apple. Anyways, this move will help LG Display in securing OLED orders from other Android OEMs like Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, and Huawei which should ultimately help its bottom line.

Apple will also benefit with this move as it will allow the company to negotiate a better deal for OLED panels sourced from Samsung.

[Via ET News]