Apple Announces New iPhone Battery Repair Program Prices

Apple found itself in some hot water late last year in what has been dubbed “BatteryGate”, seeing the company make some changes to its pricing plan for battery replacements.

Apple’s decision to drop the price for its battery replacement program for iPhone 6 units and newer was a welcomed change, but as 2018 starts to wind down, Apple is looking ahead to what comes next. Apple recently updated the battery replacement program page to reflect that beginning January 1, 2019, prices will go up from the $29 specialty pricing.

Interestingly enough, Apple isn’t going as high as it was previously. After the first of the year, battery replacements in the iPhone X, iPhone Xs, and iPhone Xs Max will cost $69. If you want to secure that $29 battery replacement —and haven’t yet replaced your battery— then you should initiate the repair before the end of 2018. That will save you some cash.

Meanwhile, iPhones that are older than the iPhone X will see battery replacement costs go up to $49, compared to the current $29. Apple confirmed last year that it slows down older iPhones due to their aging batteries. The revelation led to the company receiving a lot of criticism and being the subject of many lawsuits.

If you haven’t already replaced your battery, do you plan on taking advantage of the $29 program before it expires?