2019 iPhones Will Reportedly Not Adopt ‘Fingerprint On Display’ Technologies

While facial recognition is a feature that most smartphone manufacturers are trying to adopt in some way or another, with Apple leading that particular charge with the TrueDepth Camera system and Face ID, fingerprint sensors embedded in displays is also a major focal point for some companies.

Apple was rumored to adopt the technology before the iPhone X was announced, and there are still some suggesting that Apple is still considering the idea for future touchscreen devices, including the iPhone lineup, even as it leans heavily into Face ID with current-generation models. But, longstanding Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo does not believe we’re going to see “fingerprint on display” (FOD) technology adopted by Apple anytime soon.

MacRumors has a report on Kuo’s latest analyst note, saying that he does not expect Apple to adopt the FOD feature in the 2019 iPhone lineup. That technology would allow iPhone owners to simply place a finger on the display of their smartphone and see biometric approval, just like Touch ID worked in previous iPhone generations.

“All main Android brands currently treat FOD as the important function to differentiate themselves from iPhone (we expect 2H19 iPhone models will not support FOD). The reasons are as follows: (1) The user feedback on the iPhone is lower than expected. (2) The user feedback on the first FOD smartphone, Vivo’s X21 FOD version, is higher than expected, and (3) FOD is the best fingerprint recognition solution for the full-screen design which is necessary for a high-end smartphone.”

That first bit, where Android manufacturers are relying on FOD technologies as way to differentiate from the iPhone lineup is more than likely right on track, and probably one of the reasons why Apple will continue to ignore FOD technology in favor of Face ID and more advanced facial recognition technologies moving forward.

Face ID is Apple’s differentiator.

Is it possible that Apple is still working on concepts where future iPhones support a fingerprint sensor in the display? It’s certainly possible. But it looks like, at least for now, even the analysts believe the company is going to keep its focus on Face ID for the foreseeable future.

Our Take

There are certainly moments where this writer misses Touch ID. However, Face ID really does work well, and it’s only going to get better as Apple’s implemented technology improves.

Do you want to see Touch ID make a comeback?

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