Poll: How Is Your iPhone’s Battery Life after Updating to iOS 12?

iOS 12 Battery Statistics Graph

iOS 12 is all about performance improvements and those nice little features that make the OS easier and more convenient to use. But what about battery life? Apple did not claim any battery life improvements with iOS 12 but if early test results are anything to go by, the performance improvements brought about by iOS 12 actually come at the expense of battery life.

Despite initial tests suggesting a decline in battery life, our readers have not complained about any such battery life issues with iOS 12 on their iPhone or iPad.

If you have been having battery life issues with your iPhone or iPad after installing the iOS 12 update, you can always try to do a fresh install of the OS. And if you have not already, you should update all the installed apps from the App Store to ensure you are running their version that has been optimized for iOS 12.

How has the battery life of your iPhone or iPad been after updating to iOS 12? Make sure to take part in our poll below and share your thoughts by dropping a comment below.

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