Poll: What Do You Think about the Performance Improvements in iOS 12?

iOS 12 Performance

Apple released the first public build of iOS 12 at the beginning of this week. Unlike the last few releases of the OS, iOS 12 is all about performance improvements. The highlight of this update is the performance improvements it brings to the table and not any crazy new feature.

Due to this, many users might be at first disappointed with iOS 12 after installing the update on their device. However, over time, they are likely to start appreciating the performance improvements offered by the OS as it can have a significant impact in daily use.

In fact, if you own a particularly old iOS device like the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, or the iPad Air, iOS 12 is easily going to extend the lifespan of your device by another year. It will make your old iPhone or iPad usable from the current junk that it has become with constant lags and dropped frames.

It is not like iOS 12 does not come with any new features. It does introduce Screen Time, Enhanced Do Not Disturb, Grouped Notifications, Password Autofill, and more. These might not be breakthrough features, but they will all help in improving the overall usability of the OS which is always a welcome change.

Now that it has been over 48 hours since Apple first released iOS 12, what are your thoughts on the performance improvements brought about by it? Are you disappointed that Apple has only focused on speed improvements with iOS 12 and not introduced any major new feature? Or are you happy that for once, Apple has taken a break from adding new features and instead focused on improving the performance and stability of the OS. What kind of performance improvements have you noticed on your old iPhone or iPad? Make sure to let us know the model of your iPhone or iPad as well.