Sprint and T-Mobile Variants of the iPhone XS and XR Compatible with Significantly Faster LTE Bands

iPhone Xs

Just as we wind down from the Apple announcement, carriers Sprint and T-Mobile have announced support for their high-performance LTE bands with the iPhone Xs/Xs Max as well as the iPhone XR.

Sprint’s version will be compatible with HPUE or high-performance user equipment which can offer up to 80% better coverage including the ability to grab signals through walls or other blockades. HPUE works on LTE band 14, which is not as widespread as one would have expected, but thankfully Sprint offers this band in the U.S.

T-Mobile, on the other hand, has announced that the iPhone Xs duo and the XR will support Band 71. This band was announced last year but is only getting support now thanks to the new iPhones. This means that the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and even the iPhone XR will work on the snappy 600 MHz spectrum that T-Mobile acquired not too long ago.

In both cases, Apple is making sure to include technologies that could be used widely in the coming years. This tells us that future iPhones are on course to benefit from all the new bands and frequencies that offer faster data connectivity and improved network over older bands. While previous iPhones only came with 23 LTE bands, the iPhone Xs/Xs Max and the XR support up to 29 bands depending on the region you’re getting it in.

Are you excited for these new cellular enhancements made by Apple?