First iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Unboxing Video

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Along with the first batch of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max reviews, the first batch of the unboxing videos of both handsets is now also live on YouTube. 

The unboxing videos don’t really reveal anything new except for showing all the content that Apple packs inside the retail box of its new iPhones. There are no surprises here though. You still get a 5W power adapter, the phone, some regulatory papers, a SIM ejector tool, two Apple stickers, Lightning cable, and the EarPods.

The unboxing videos do show the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max in Gold color which looks more like a mixture of Rose Gold and Gold as we have seen in previous Apple devices.

There’s only one interesting thing that we come across from the unboxing. For some reason, the position of the Earpods and the power adapter inside the retail box are reversed on the iPhone XS and XS Max. In the iPhone XS Max retail box, the power adapter is at the bottom and the Earpods at the top, while in the iPhone XS retail box, its the opposite.

The unboxing video also compares the Geekbench score of the iPhone XS to the iPhone X. In the CPU department, the iPhone XS shows a performance improvement of anywhere around 10 to 15 percent. Compared to the iPhone X’s score of 4263 and 10284 in the single-core and multi-core benchmarks, the iPhone XS scored 4805 and 10850. It is in the GPU department where we see a bigger difference. The iPhone XS scored a whopping 21524 in Geekbench’s GPU benchmark, while the iPhone X managed 14964. The same story continues in the AnTuTu benchmark where the iPhone XS scored 318838 compared to the iPhone X’s score of 241428.

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