Will You Get iOS 12 Public Release OTA Update If You’ve Installed iOS 12 GM or iOS 12 Beta?

iOS 12 GM/Beta to iOS 12 OTA Public Release

In a bid to try out the new features of iOS 12, many iPhone or iPad owners end up installing the beta version of the OS on their device. Apple made the life of such people easier by rolling out iOS 12 beta builds via OTA. However, now that Apple is scheduled to roll out the first public build of iOS 12 to the public, users running iOS 12 beta or Golden Master build on their device are wondering if they would get the update to it.

This is something that has been confusing a lot of users so let’s clear the air on this once and for all.

iOS 12 Golden Master

If you installed iOS 12 beta on your iPhone or iPad and have been updating it constantly, your device is then currently running the Golden Master build of the OS. The Golden Master build is the ‘golden’ candidate for release to the public i..e the Golden Master build of iOS 12 would be the one released later today as the first public build of iOS 12. It will have the same build number as the Golden Master Release: 16A366. So, if you have not already updated your iPhone or iPad to the latest iOS 12 beta, make sure to do so.

It is only if Apple finds some critical bugs or other issues which it decides to patch before releasing the first iOS 12 build to the public that the public build of iOS 12 will have a different build number. In that case, you will have to update your iPhone or iPad to the new build.

How to Update to iOS 12 Public Release from iOS 12 GM?

This is only going to be applicable if Apple gets around to releasing a new iOS 12 to the public. If it ends up releasing the Golden Master build to the public, then you are not going to get any OTA update.

If there’s a new build from Apple, simply head over to Settings -> General -> Software Update. You should see a new software update available for your device. Install it and you are done.

Remove iOS Beta Profile

To ensure that you get updates to future iOS 12 stable releases, it is recommended that you remove the iOS 12 beta profile from your device. You might also have to remove the beta profile in case the previous method did not work and you did not get an OTA update to new public build of iOS 12.

Step 1: Go to Settings -> General.

Step 2: Scroll to the end of the page and you should find Profiles. Tap on it to open.

Step 3: Choose iOS Beta Software Profile.

Step 4: Tap on the Delete Profile button, enter the device passcode and confirm that you want to remove the profile from your device.

Step 5: Perform a hard reset by holding down the Lock/Wake and Home buttons together until your device restarts and you see the Apple logo. iPhone X owners, follow the steps in this guide to hard reset your device.

Step 6: Next, unlock your device, go to Settings -> General -> Software Update and you should see the update.

Update Using iTunes

You can also try and use iTunes on your PC to update your iPhone or iPad to the latest public release of iOS 12.

Step 1: Connect your device to iTunes.

Step 2: While your device is connected, force it to restart. Press and hold the Lock/Wake and Home buttons at the same time, iPhone 7 and higher users will need to press the Side button and volume down, while iPhone X owners will need to use this key combination. Don’t release when you see the Apple logo. Keep holding until you see the Recovery Mode screen.

Step 3: Once you’ve entered Recovery Mode, iTunes should display a message that there’s an update for your device. Choose Update to download and install the latest iOS 11 version.

We will update this post once iOS 12 is released to let our readers know if iOS 12 Golden Master build is the one that Apple released to the public or not.

Update: Apple has released iOS 12 to the public and it has the same build number as the Golden Master release.