Leaked Image of a Case From UAG Reveals 2018 12.9-Inch iPad Pro With Minimized Bezels

Another leak of the 2018 12.9-inch iPad Pro

Rumor has it that Apple is going to announce two new iPad Pro models this month, sometime before Halloween rolls around, and that both devices will be changing up the design in a big way from previous models.

Specifically, Apple is rumored to be adopting an iPhone X-like design, with minimized bezels and dropping the physical Home button. Unlike the iPhone X, though, the new iPad Pro units aren’t expected to boast a notch, but they will reportedly feature Apple’s Face ID technology, facilitated by the TrueDepth camera system.

And while we’ve seen plenty of leaks and heard plenty of rumors regarding the 2018 iPad Pro lineup, we’re still waiting for Apple to officially announce the new devices. As we do, leaks are going to happen, just as MySmartPrice has showcased with its most recent revelation. This time around it’s a case leak from third-party accessory maker UAG.

According to the report, UAG is planning on launching a case for the 2018 12.9-inch iPad Pro, one that will allow the iPad Pro to be positioned in an upright fashion, and also boast a dedicated holder for the Apple Pencil accessory. This particular image is likely of the case, with a render of the 2018 12.9-inch iPad Pro based on the CAD leak we saw earlier in the year.

The leak, if nothing else, does show a bold change in design, with minimized bezels on the sides, top, and bottom. There won’t be a Home button to press, either, but Face ID should support landscape orientation to make unlocking the new tablet even easier. This latest leaked image does line up with previous rumors and leaks, so unless Apple is planning something out of left field at its expected event later this month, this is probably what we’re going to see become officially official soon enough.

A quick refresher for the rumors we’ve heard up to this point: Recently it was reported that the iPad Pro lineup this year will be thinner than years prior, and to help with that the devices will drop the 3.5mm headphone jack. Device identifiers suggest that we’re going to see the new iPad Pro models boast the same display resolution as the current lineup. The new iPad Pro will be able to support Face ID in landscape, export 4K video over USB-C, and more. And the new tablets will also have the Smart Connector in a new spot, this time on the back of the device rather than the side.

Based on what you’ve heard and seen of the rumored 2018 iPad Pro lineup so far, are you planning on upgrading when Apple launches them?

Our Take

Looking at the tablet like that, in the case, definitely makes a strong argument for a tablet with minimized bezels. That’s a lot of display to consume content on. But then the thought of actually holding it and trying not to touch the display accidentally sinks in. Hopefully the bezels aren’t too small that it’s uncomfortable to hold the thing.

[via MySmartPrice]