2018 iPad Pro Model Identifiers Suggest Same Display Resolution as Current Models

Word on the street is that Apple has one more event planned before the end of the year, with this one primarily focused on introducing new iPad Pro models with iPhone X-inspired designs.

Now, mobile app analytics platform Appsee has revealed what it believes are the identifiers for the 2018 iPad Pro lineup, which coincide with previous rumors suggesting the same. According to the platform’s data, these identifiers have popped up since August 1: iPad8,1; iPad8,2; iPad8,3; iPad8,4; iPad8,5; and iPad8,8. Previous rumors have also pointed to the iPad Pro lineup this year also including model identifiers iPad8,6 and iPad8,7, but the app analytics data doesn’t show those two models appearing in their logs just yet.

As far as which model is which, according to the earlier reports the WiFi-only models will be identified as iPad8,1; iPad8,2; iPad8,5; and iPad8,6. Meanwhile, the WiFi and Cellular models will be identified as iPad8,3; iPad8,4; iPad8,7; and iPad8,8.

While this part seems to be all but confirmed at this point, the interesting aspect comes from the data logs and what they reveal about the incoming iPad lineup’s display resolution. As noted today by MacRumors, it looks like the new iPad Pro models will have the same resolution as the current lineup of tablets. Specifically, the platform data shows the 10.5-inch model (iPad8,1 through iPad8,4) have a resolution of 1112×834, while the 12.9-inch variant (iPad8,5 and iPad8,8) have a resolution of 1366×1024.

As noted in the original report, it’s the 2x modifier implemented by Apple in its high-resolution displays that get us to the actual resolution of the upcoming tablet devices. They will more than likely retain the 4:3 aspect ratio, even as the bezels get drastically minimized, which means the final resolution for each model will be 2224×1668 and 2732×2048, respectively. That’s what the current lineup offers, resolution wise.

It is worth noting that there are some conflicting elements out there. Namely, a report from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that stated Apple is going to launch an 11-inch iPad Pro this year, thanks in part to the reduced bezels in the new design, rather than a model that has a 10.5-inch display. If that is indeed the case, it would mean the screen resolution would be different than the current model.

We recently reported that Apple registered new iPad models, along with an unnamed Bluetooth device, further hinting that the company is planning an event for sometime this October, with a launch of new hardware before the end of the month.

Our Take

It does make sense that Apple would want to lean into a new event for the updated design of the 2018 iPad Pro lineup, especially as it adopts Face ID in landscape and the iPhone X-style design, so we’re all just waiting for the invites to go out. The biggest question has to be just how much Apple is going to charge for these new devices, though.

[via MacRumors]