Amazon, Super Micro Executives Call for Bloomberg Retraction Over Spy Chip Story

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Apple continues to echo its statement that a recent report regarding Chinese spy chips being installed on some servers is inaccurate, and now executives from the other named companies in the original report are weighing in again.

The story grew legs right out of the gate, but Apple, Amazon, and Super Micro (the company that handles the server distribution itself) were quick to cry foul on Bloomberg‘s reporting. The story itself quickly spiraled out of control, and there was constant pressure from Apple (and Amazon), denying the story outright. Furthermore, security researchers, and even the Department of Homeland Security, all sided with Apple in the matter, finding no reason to doubt Apple’s statement that its servers had not been breached.

Most recently, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, weighed in and called for Bloomberg to offer a full retraction of the story. At the time it didn’t look like the publication was going to do that, however, saying it stood by the reporters involved and the story itself. Super Micro, for what it’s worth, did say earlier on Monday that it did plan on investigating further, despite not seeing any actual proof of the original report’s veracity.

Now, a few hours after that, Super Micro CEO Charles Liang has weighed in directly, stating that Bloomberg should retract the story. This actually follows Amazon executive Andy Jassy, who is a leader with Amazon’s Web Services, who tweeted out earlier today for the same thing. At this point, executives from all of the major companies implicated in the report have said, matter-of-factly, that there is no truth to the story and that the original report should be retracted:

And here is the statement from Super Micro’s CEO:

There does not seem to be any indication that Bloomberg is going to retract its story. And unless Super Micro’s new investigation of its servers find something that wasn’t found before, this will probably get more interesting either way.