App Bundles Now Support Free Apps With Subscriptions and Mac Apps

On Tuesday, Apple announced a new change to the way that developers can disperse app bundles, adding a couple of oft-requested elements to the mix.

Today, Apple has confirmed that developers can now include Mac apps and free apps with subscriptions when they launch an app bundle. Bundles, if you haven’t seen one, can offer up to 10 apps all wrapped neatly in a single purchase. Today’s announcement finally brings Mac apps into the mix for developers, and, perhaps even better, apps that are offered for free but are tied to a subscription service (like Netflix, for instance).

Here’s Apple’s main text on the announcement:

“App bundles make it easy for customers to buy up to 10 of your apps in a single purchase. And now, you can create app bundles for Mac apps or free apps that offer an auto-renewable subscription to access all apps in the bundle. Learn how to set up app bundles and effectively market them on your App Store product page.”

The ability for developers to offer a bundle of apps, all of which can be available at a discounted rate than a customer would get when buying the apps individually, is certainly a nice option in general. But these two additions definitely sweeten the deal even more.

The change is now in effect, so if you peruse the App Store pretty frequently you will probably start seeing the changes being implemented from developers in short order.

[via Apple]