Apple Will Launch a Clear Case for the iPhone XR

Apple will launch a clear case for the iPhone XR

The iPhone XR isn’t the first lineup from Apple to offer eye-catching colors like blue and yellow, and this time around the company will offer up a protective case that won’t hide those colors.

At least, that appears to be the case. As was first reported on Friday by 9to5Mac, Apple has confirmed it will be releasing its own “clear case” for the iPhone XR —which goes up for preorder later this month — but the single-line remark is only present on some press releases for the upcoming handset, including in Canada. The confirmation of a clear case for the iPhone XR isn’t present in the U.S. press release for the iPhone XR, strangely enough.

The original report includes a marketing image of what the clear case for the iPhone XR will allegedly look like. However, considering the new accessory is still unofficial and a clear case is just a clear case, it’s possible this isn’t the real deal, so take it with a grain of salt anyway as you head into the weekend. As you can see, the case is obviously meant to protect the phone, but also show off the colors the iPhone XR lineup offers.

This is different than the cases the company offered for its previous super colorful phones, the iPhone 5c. In that case, Apple saw fit to launch a case for that smartphone that had small circular openings on the back. It showed off the color, kind of, but that case didn’t seem to catch fire with the potential owners out there. This new option may be an easier sell.

The press release says the case will retail for $55 (CAD) when it launches later this month, so it should be priced around the same in other specific markets. In the U.S. it should be priced around $40. Even though the line isn’t included in the U.S. press release, it stands to reason that Apple will launch its new clear case for the iPhone XR in that market, too.

Our Take

The clear case is as straightforward as a case can get, and that’s not a bad thing. While the specs of the iPhone XR are certainly a reason to pick up the handset, so are the colors, so it’s nice that Apple’s launching a clear case to help show those colors off while protecting the handset. How much would you be willing to pay for a case like this from Apple?

[via 9to5Mac; @ivanincanada]