Apple Now Setting up Decorations at Howard Gilman Opera House Ahead of iPad Pro Event

Apple is hosting a special event on Tuesday, October 30. The tagline for this one is “There’s more in the making”, and word on the street is that the company will be unveiling new iPad Pro models, along with new Mac hardware for good measure.

The upcoming event will be held in the Howard Gilman Opera House, which is located in Brooklyn, New York. The Japanese site Mac Otakara has uploaded a quick video that showcases Apple’s hard work in putting up decorations to prepare for the event. We can see that Apple’s decorations include colorful decals that the company is putting up in the windows. The decorations also include more decals on the brick structure itself as well.

The one takeaway from the decorations is that there is a lot of color here. That goes right in line with the initial invite and subsequent marketing for the event. There are over 300 creative Apple logos, all with a ton of color, and that seems to be the trend moving forward.

Maybe we’ll get a blue iPad Pro. Probably not.

Apple will be decorating the building over the weekend, and especially the day before the event kicks off. It’s already looking pretty unique, to say the least. It will be fun to see how it all shakes out when the decoration is finished.

If you want a quick refresher on what we’re expecting to see at the event, check out this link. Briefly, we’ll probably see a pair of iPad Pro models introduced with minimized bezels, along with a new low-cost MacBook model. Beyond that we’ll probably see additional updates to the Mac lineup as well.

Are you getting excited for the upcoming event?

[via Mac Otakara]