Apple Currently Facing iCloud Issues Across Several Services

Apple Australia

It has been a bit of time since some kind of outage hit iCloud services, but here we are just before October wraps up and the company is seeing several yellow lights across its services page.

The issue actually started earlier this morning, with Apple pinpointing the intermittent service starting at 8:51 AM. According to Apple’s service pages, the issue is ongoing for several different iCloud-backed services, including iCloud Account Sign-In, iCloud Contacts, iCloud Mail, iCloud Notes, iCloud Drive, iCloud Keychain, Mail Drop, iWork for iCloud, Back to my Mac, and many others. Apple says some users may be affected by the intermittent issues, but, as usual, doesn’t say just how widespread the issue might be.

Apple’s status page has this to say about the issues:

“Users may be experiencing slower than normal performance with this service.”

At the time of publication, 19 of Apple’s iCloud-based services are seeing intermittent issues. However, services like iMessage, News, Maps Traffic (and Search, and Routing & Navigation), iTunes U, Apple ID, Apple Music, the App Store, and Apple Pay, among many others, are still working just fine according to Apple’s status page.

Apple does not say when the issues might stop or get fixed. Considering they have already been going for several hours now, though, one hopes that Apple has a fix coming sooner rather than later.

Are you running into any issues with these iCloud services?

[via Apple]