Apple is Adding More Than 70 New Emoji With iOS 12.1

Apple is adding more than 70 new emoji with iOS 12.1

Currently, Apple is busy seeding new developer and public beta releases of the upcoming iOS 12.1 update, which, at the time of publication, doesn’t have an exact launch date just yet.

But Apple wants folks to start getting excited about the upcoming software, and to help stir up the crowd the company has just announced that it is bringing more than 70 new emoji options to the mobile operating system when it launches later this year. This announcement is similar to the one that Apple made back in July, for those keeping track, when Apple confirmed more than 70 new additions coming to iOS in celebration of “World Emoji Day”.

“More than 70 new emoji will be coming soon to iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac, including new characters with red hair, gray hair and curly hair, a new emoji for bald people, more emotive smiley faces and additional emoji representing animals, sports and food. The new emoji are available in today’s developer and public beta previews of iOS 12.1, and will be available in upcoming software updates for iOS, macOS and watchOS.”

Some new emoji coming with iOS 12.1

Some of the new options that iOS, macOS, and watchOS users will see in the forthcoming addition are characters with red hair, gray hair, no hair at all, and curly hair. We will see new additions for a face with hearts, a face that is pleading, a party face, and more. Apple is adding an infinity symbol, new superhero options, and more characters.

The new options will also include a lobster, a parrot, a moon cake, a peacock, a kangaroo, cupcake, and more. And, finally:

“Apple is working with the Unicode Consortium to add more disability-themed emoji to the keyboard for Unicode 12.0, slated for release in 2019.”

iOS 12.1, along with macOS Mojave 10.14.1, and watchOS 5.1 are currently in beta testing, with a software update to all of those platforms expected in the near future.

Our Take

I try to avoid emoji as often as I can, but they’re obviously not going anywhere anytime soon so the more options that people have to express themselves the better.

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