Apple Music and Genius Partner for New Integrations and Lyric Database Access

Apple Music gains Genius support

Genius has been known as a go-to source for song lyrics for many years, and now Apple Music subscribers will gain access to the platform’s database.

On Thursday, Genius and Apple announced a new partnership that will see an embedded music player on Genius’s website specifically for Apple Music, which will let people play a song in full on the website while they follow along with the published lyrics. This feature will work both in Genius’s iOS app, as well as on the service’s website.

That’s not all, though. The partnership will also see the Genius database of lyrics find their way into the Apple Music app as well, giving subscribers the ability to see the lyrics of “thousands” of songs.

“Genius has the world’s best lyrics database and now it’s available on Apple Music. Genius will provide lyrics to thousands of hit songs on the service—bringing world-class accuracy and timeliness powered by Genius’s global community of artists and fans.”

Apple Music has supported built-in lyrics support since the service launched in 2016, but will now get a lot better with Genius integration. However, while the partnership has been announced, it is not known which songs available on Apple Music will actually have Genius-level lyrics support. While “thousands” is a lot of songs, it pales in comparison to the millions that are available from the music streaming service.

This is not the first partnership with a major streaming platform that Genius has made. Back in 2016, Spotify launched Genius support for its “Behind the Lyrics” playlist, which then developed into the feature for specific songs. This gives Spotify listeners the ability to see more details about a song as they follow along with the lyrics, seeing quotes from the artist about a passage, or other interesting details.

Our Take

The current lyrics situation in Apple Music is about as bare minimum as something can get. It works for the most part, and it is a nice feature to have baked into the service. But sometimes the lyrics are just wrong, or if you’re listening to a cover of a song –with subtle tweaks made by the covering artist– the lyrics can sometimes reflect the original song and have no bearing on what you’re actually listening to. The integration of Genius sounds like a nice bonus, but only if it’s actually going to be available for most songs, and not just a handful (in relation to the total number of songs available).

[via Genius]