Apple Registers New Macs with ECC Ahead of October 30 Event

2017 vs 2018 MacBook Pro Comparison

Apple is widely expected to unveil new MacBooks and refreshed Mac mini at its October 30th event next week. Ahead of their official announcement though, the company has registered a bunch of Mac models with the ECC — the Eurasian Economic Commission.

It is mandatory for any company to register new products before releasing them to the public in the Eurasian region. The Mac model numbers registered by Apple include A1347, A1418, A1419, A1481, A1862, A1993, A2115, A2116, A1466, A1534, A1708, A1932, A1989, and A1990.


Out of all the model numbers mentioned, four are brand new — A1993, A2115, A2116, and A1932. The first three model numbers refer to desktop computers, while the fourth model number refers to a MacBook. As for other model numbers, they have been simply been updated to reflect that they will now be sold with macOS Mojave out of the box.

The three new desktop Macs possibly hint at a refreshed iMac lineup with faster internals and/or a refreshed Mac mini. The latter has not received any update in almost four years now, so this spec bump from Apple will be a welcome change.

As for the new MacBook, it is rumored to be Apple’s replacement to its aging MacBook Air lineup featuring Intel’s Kaby Lake processors and a Full HD resolution display. There’s still a lot of confusion and uncertainty surrounding this new MacBook from Apple. While it is expected to replace the MacBook Air lineup, it remains to be seen how it will slot in Apple’s MacBook lineup which also consists of the Retina MacBook.

Alongside new Macs, Apple will be unveiling its 2018 iPad Pro lineup with slimmer bezels, Face ID, faster internals, and a USB-C port.

[Via Consomac]