AT&T is Launching Another Streaming Service in 2019

AT&T must really like streaming services, because the company has just announced it’s going to welcome yet another option next year.

Announced on Wednesday, AT&T’s WarnerMedia has confirmed it will be launching another streaming service option for consumers sometime in the fourth quarter of 2019. The service doesn’t have a name yet, and while the company has said it will have “competitive pricing” to other options out there, nothing is known about how much the monthly bill will be just yet.

CNBC has the report today, outlining AT&T’s effort with the new option. HBO will apparently be the “anchor” as the “lead brand” for the new service, and AT&T will be adding “selective third-party” options as well, but wouldn’t go into any detail in that regard. AT&T sees this new service as yet another “compelling product”, as it will offer from a vast library of content that includes movies, documentaries, animation, television shows, and more.

“Around HBO will come a great library of additional content from not only the WarnerMedia properties but also some selective third party licensed content,” WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey said during an on-stage interview at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit Wednesday.”

For those keeping track, AT&T has a lot of streaming options. They have HBO, obviously, which offers HBO Go and HBO Now. AT&T also has DirecTV Now, another streaming option. And the wireless carrier option of AT&T also has its own WatchTV streaming option for good measure. And this new effort from WarnerMedia, which will include content from the studio Warner Bros., just launched its own streaming platform for DC content, which includes the new live action show Titans, and includes much more from the library of DC’s superhero content. This new streaming option will also have content from networks like TNT and TBS, along with the news broadcasting station, CNN.

It launches late next year.

Our Take

This new effort is meant to go up against the likes of Netflix and Hulu, primarily, but it sounds like just another streaming option. One of what feels like thousands that are already out there. AT&T obviously sees room for more monthly subscriptions to its content, and while it’s not specifically stated in the report or announcement, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see AT&T subscribers get some kind of deal with whatever this new streaming option is next year, either.

[via CNBC]