The 7 Best Pixel 3 Features We Would Like to See in The Next iPhone

Best Pixel 3 Features

Weeks after the iPhone XS launch, Google has unveiled their flagship phone, the Pixel 3. It’s the iPhone of the Android world. It’s where Google showcases their best technology in both software and hardware. There’s a rich history between Apple and Google when it comes to borrowing/copying features.

In continuing that tradition, let’s talk about some of the cool features in Pixel 3 that we would like to see in the next flagship iPhone. After all the Pixel 3 has plenty of features (edge-to-edge display, the notch, wireless charging, no headphone jack) that are directly inspired from the next iPhone.

The Best Pixel 3 Features We Would Like to See in The Next iPhone

So here are the best Google Pixel 3 features we would like to see in the 2019 iPhones:

1. Call Screening

Google Pixel Features in iPhone 4

Call Screening is a new feature for Google Assistant. When a user taps the Call Screen button, Google Assistant talks to the person and asks why they are calling. The transcription is then shown on the screen. This basically turns Google Assistant into your personal assistant.

A similar integration in the Voicemail feature in Phone app would be really useful. This would help deal with telemarketers and unwanted callers.

2. ARKit in Camera

Google Pixel 3 Features in iPhone 1

Google Pixel integrates Google Lens right inside the Camera app. You can identify products, landmarks, and places by simply pointing the camera at it. Google is also bringing 3D characters right inside camera view.

Apple can accomplish similar things by using their ARKit 2 framework. The Messages app already includes filters and effects in the Camera, we hope to see it come to the main camera app in the next iPhone or iOS version.

3. Wide Angle Selfie Camera

There’s a good reason for that big notch on the Pixel 3 XL. It has two different cameras in it. The first is your regular selfie camera but the second one is a wide angle camera. This means you’ll be able to capture those group selfies with lot¬†more ease.

4. Top Shot

Google Pixel 3 Features in iPhone 3

When you tap the shutter button on the Pixel 3, the phone takes a lot of photos before and after the moment. Actually, iPhone does this too. This is how the Live Photos feature works. Pixel 3 lets you go in later and change to a shot that you might have missed. It even recommends the perfect shot automatically.

You can kind of do this on the iPhone, by changing the Key Frame in a Live Photo but for this feature to work, Live Photo has to be enabled. And the frame you switch to might not be captured in high quality.

5. Front Facing Stereo Speakers

The iPhone has stereo speakers but they aren’t front facing and they aren’t really that loud. Pixel 3 has a huge notch and a pretty big chin but that lets Google integrate amazing loudspeakers. I hope Apple can figure out a technology to include¬†louder speakers without increasing the bezel size.

6. Super Res Zoom

Google Pixel 3 Features in iPhone 2

Google is using its AI magic to give you digital zoom without the blurry pixels. You’ll be able to go in an zoom at 6x level without losing out details.

7. Photo Booth

This feature reminds me of the old Photo Booth app in Mac OS X. Google Pixel can automatically click a picture for you when you’re smiling or when you make a funny face.


8. Bring Back Touch ID

Pixel 3 comes with fingerprint scanner at the back. Based on the comments we have seen from our readers, one of the features many iPhone users would like to see is the fingerprint scanner. Face ID is great, but another alternative like Touch ID would be even better especially if it is embedded in the display like the upcoming OnePlus 6T.

Your Favorite Pixel 3 Features

What are your favorite Pixel 3 features that you’d like to see on the next iPhone? Share with us in the comments below.