CVS Pharmacy Now Accepting Apple Pay

CVS Pharmacy now accepting Apple Pay

It feels like a long time ago now, but when Apple Pay launched it wasn’t met with universal acceptance from businesses out there in the wild.

Some, in fact, decided that while Apple Pay was obviously going to revitalize the mobile payment market in a major way, they would rather launch their own options instead of adopting Apple’s. That includes CVS Pharmacy, which launched CVS Pay before the end of 2016. But now here we are near the end of 2018 and things have changed quite a bit.

We knew CVS Pharmacy was going to start accepting Apple Pay this year thanks to Apple CEO Tim Cook, who said the chain pharmacy would be doing just that. And now, more than a couple months later, CVS Pharmacy is rolling out support for Apple’s mobile payment option. It turns out that the pharmacy chain has actually been rolling out support for Apple Pay over the last few weeks, and is now confirming support for the option as it has launched it nationally.

CVS Pharmacy is sending out emails right now to confirm the feature support. Now that Apple Pay is supported, NFC-capable terminals in the retail chain will allow folks to actually use Apple Pay to checkout and purchase their goods. CVS actually disabled NFC support in its terminals initially in an effort to prevent the usage of Apple Pay, but that’s no longer the case.

Apple Pay in CVS pharmacies will work the same way it does at other retail locations where the mobile payment option is supported. So when you’re checking out you can simply prepare Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple Watch, then put the device near the NFC-equipped terminal to finalize the purchase.

This is yet another major chain in the United States to bring support for Apple Pay in recent months. 7-Eleven, for instance, just launched Apple Pay support recently as well.

Our Take

This is another big step for Apple with its mobile payment option, which obviously still has room to grow — even in the United States. These major chains supporting the option are one step closer to universal adoption, which is obviously Apple’s (albeit incredibly difficult) goal. Of course, holdouts like Target and Walmart, both of which offer their own mobile payment options, are a road bump in that process.

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