Future iPhones Could Come with an Invisible Front-Facing Camera

Display around front cameras

Love it or hate it, there’s no way you can ignore the notch on the iPhone X and iPhone XS. Apple does its best to make the notch not so obvious in its marketing materials for the iPhone XS but that does not change the fact that the devices still do come with a notch.

Notches in iPhones are temporary in nature until Apple gets around to figuring out a technology that allows it to place the front camera and IR sensor at the front of the device without a notch.

For now, Largan Precision is doing the next best thing possible by developing a special black coating for camera lenses. Usually, the front camera sensor is always visible in a notch but with this coating, Largan is hoping to change that. Until OEMs get around to finding a way to completely do away with the notch, this does seem like the best possible solution to completely hide the notch.

Largan Precision is only expected to start shipping this special coating for camera lenses to customers in 2020 so there’s still a long wait here.

Apple only offers the iPhone X and iPhone XS series with a black front as it hides the notch very well. However, when viewed from certain angles, the front camera can be seen which Apple can get around to hiding with this new coating from Largan Precision. The Cupertino company already sources its camera lenses from Largan Precision. The technology could also become a favorite among many Chinese Android OEMs who have been launching smartphones with a waterdrop-notch design.

[Via Economic Daily News]