Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Beats the iPhone XS Max in Real-Life Battery Test

iPhone Xs Max back

Ever since the iPhone XS Max came out, we have seen it being compared to the Galaxy Note — its direct competitor from the Android ecosystem. Apple’s latest iPhone managed to crush Samsung’s best Note in speed tests, though it managed to perform better in drop tests

We have also seen the iPhone XS Max being put through its paces in many battery life tests where it performed better than most Android flagships. However, the iPhone XS Max could not beat the Galaxy Note 9 in the battery life department in multiple tests including one conducted by Consumer Reports.

Most of these publications don’t really reveal their testing procedure so it becomes difficult to ascertain for a user how these devices will fare in real-life use. Now, YouTuber PhoneBuff has done a real-life battery test comparison between the Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone XS Max. To ensure that this was a fair comparison, he kept all aspects between the two devices and the testing procedure the same. Plus, everything was automated so as to ensure there’s no room for margin of error.

The series of tests including being on a phone call on both devices for an hour, texting for an hour, loading emails from the Gmail app, browsing the web an hour, and more. The Galaxy Note 9 pulled ahead in the battery life comparison pretty much after the first test and continued its lead from there on.

It is actually quite surprising to see the iPhone XS Max perform so poorly in this battery life test when compared to the Galaxy Note 9. The latter does come with a gigantic 4,000mAh battery but the iPhone XS Max features a 7nm A12 Bionic chip which gives it the efficiency advantage. It looks like Samsung has won this year’s battery life tests by simply putting in a massive battery inside the Note 9.

Overall, if battery life is the most important thing for you in a smartphone, you might want to skip the iPhone XS Max and give the Note 9 a try.