iOS 12 is Now Installed on 50% of Devices

Apple's iOS 12 is installed on 50 percent of devices already

Apple launched iOS 12 to the public back in September, and now, a little less than a month later, the software is installed on more than half of Apple’s devices out in the wild.

Apple officially updated its own developer support page to show that its latest version for the mobile operating system passed a major milestone recently, as of October 1, in fact. According to the company, iOS 12 is now installed on 50 percent of “all devices” out there in the wild. In this pie chart we can see that iOS 11 is still on 39% of devices, while earlier versions of the mobile OS sit at 11%.

In a separate chart, Apple shows that the percentage of “devices introduced in the last four years” that have updated to iOS 12 is sitting at 53%. That means 40% of devices in this category are running iOS 11, while only 7 percent are using even earlier versions of the OS. In each case, the numbers were put together through data compiled on October 10, so it’s pretty current.

The last time we took note of iOS 12’s adoption rate was 48 hours after its launch, last month. At the time, the mobile OS was only installed on 10% of devices out in the wild, indicating a relatively slow adoption rate. However, less than a month later and devices out in the wild are now predominantly using Apple’s latest version of iOS, which is still a feather in Apple’s cap.

To this point, Apple has publicly released one minor update to the platform, with iOS 12.0.1 launching last week. Apple is currently testing the next big update to the mobile OS, with iOS 12.1 in its beta stages right now.

Have you update all of your iOS devices, the ones that support iOS 12 at least, to the newest version of the mobile OS?

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