The iPhone Remains the ‘Dominant’ Choice for Teens in the U.S.

Apple still has a safe haven when it comes to smartphone ownership by teenagers in the United States, based on a semi-annual report.

Piper Jaffray conducts its study of smartphone ownership by teenagers on a semi-regular basis, but while the numbers have certainly changed from one poll to the next, the one consistent element is that the iPhone is still the go-to choice for teenagers in the United States, with the lineup remaining the “dominant” choice for that demographic.

According to the most recent study, which was published by Business Insider on Monday, 82% of respondents to the poll this time around said they owned some version of Apple’s iPhone. And looking beyond that, the same poll shows that 86% of U.S.-based teenagers (that responded to the poll) show that they plan on upgrading to an Apple iPhone at some point in the future. Compare that to the 10% of teenagers that said they plan on upgrading to an Android-based smartphone in the future (which is actually down from 11% from a poll taken earlier this year).

iPhone popularity remains strong for U.S. teenagers

“Overall, we view the survey data as a sign that Apple’s place as the dominant device brand among teens remains intact,” Michael Olson and Yung Kim, the Piper Jaffray analysts, wrote.”

As far as the Apple Watch is concerned, it finds itself in an interesting spot. U.S. teenagers say it’s their second choice when it comes to wearing a watch at all, with 17% saying its their favorite watch brand. But what takes up the majority of teenager focus when it comes to a watch? Rolex, apparently.

As far as this particular poll, 8,600 responses were surveyed, with the average age being 16.

Our Take

The iPhone dominance makes sense, especially just looking at the past polls. The most surprising element of this particular story is the fact that teenagers are more interested in Rolex watches, and are apparently wearing them, over the Apple Watch. Apparently I’m old enough to remember when Rolex watches were only found on “Wall Street guys” and in music videos.

[via Business Insider]