Apple Details iPhone XR Repair Pricing Ahead of Launch

iPhone XR Colors

The iPhone XR, Apple’s new colorful smartphone, launches later this week. If you’ve already decided to pick one up, then you may want to check out what the company is charging for repairs if you don’t pick up AppleCare+.

On Monday, Apple published details regarding the iPhone XR’s repair costs, both for the display and for other damage scenarios. The good news here is that the iPhone XR doesn’t cost as much to repair as Apple’s flagship smartphones, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. But if you don’t have AppleCare+ for the new device, you’ll be paying $199 to repair the Liquid Retina display on the handset, or $399 for any other damage that isn’t covered by the standard warranty.

To compare, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max cost $279 and $329, respectively, for screen repairs. Other damage comes in at $549 and $599, respectively. (The iPhone X’s repairs are priced at $279 for the display and $549 for other damage.)

If you’re worried about potential breaks down the line and don’t want to fork over that kind of cash for repairs, the best option is AppleCare+, which will strike down those upfront costs quite a bit. The extended coverage for the iPhone XR costs $149, or you can pay $7.99 per month for the service as well. With AppleCare+, screen repair for the iPhone XR is $29, and other damage only costs $99.

If you already preordered your iPhone XR, did you add AppleCare+ to the mix?

Our Take

While the iPhone XR isn’t cheap to repair without AppleCare+, the pricing isn’t too crazy at least. It’s almost right in line with the iPhone 8 Plus, which is another smartphone from Apple that offers a large LCD panel. Still, Apple’s AppleCare+ still seems like a pretty solid purchase, especially for these expensive smartphones.

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