Lyft’s New All-Access Monthly Subscription Plan Costs $300 Per Month

Lyft launches a $300 per month subscription plan

Lyft, the other major ride-hailing service, has just announced that it is launching a new monthly subscription option.

The new “All-Access Plan” is rolling out nationwide in the United States beginning today, and it will soon be available to all customers by the end of this week. With it, folks who know they use Lyft frequently can pay $300 per month, which will set a specific per-ride price throughout the stretch of time, and avoid having to pay for each individual ride.

That $300 per month will cover 30 rides over the course of the month, as long as those rides are valued at $15. If the ride goes over the $15 threshold, the rider will have to pay the difference. And if the subscriber goes over 30 rides in a month, Lyft will offer a 5% discount on any additional rides after that. One thing to be aware of: Lyft won’t be carrying over any unused rides into the next month, so you won’t be able to stack rides for an upcoming busy month. The monthly plan can be cancelled at any time.

“That’s why we’re announcing the launch of the All-Access Plan: a subscription where passengers pay upfront every 30 days to lock in a set price for their rides. Starting today, passengers can subscribe to the plan. It will be available to everyone in the US by the end of the week.

With an All-Access Plan, you get 30 rides (up to $15 each) when you pay one price of $299 every 30 days. Cancel anytime.”

The new plan’s availability will expand throughout the week. Do you plan on paying the monthly fee for 30 rides once the option becomes available?

Our Take

This sounds like a pretty solid deal, at least saving $150 if a rider actually uses the service for 30 days. At $300 per month, though, it might feel like an obligation to use the service every single day. Of course, Lyft does envision a future where car ownership is optional. Wonder if the clock is ticking before Uber introduces something similar.

[via Lyft]