New iPad Pro Comes with 18W USB-C Charger

There were rumors of Apple bundling a USB-C charger with the iPhone XS lineup. But as we all known, the company ended up shipping its $999 smartphones with the same old 5W charger. Thankfully, with its iPad Pro lineup, Apple has not only switched to USB-C but also includes an 18W USB-C charger with the devices.

To go along with the USB-C charger, Apple is also bundling a 1m USB-C cable with its new iPad Pro lineup.

The 18W charger should be able to charge the new iPad Pro considerably faster than the outgoing iPad Pro lineup which shipped with a 12W charger. Previous iPad Pro have also supported fast charging but required one to invest in Apple’s 29W USB-C charger. With an 18W charger now being bundled with the device itself, iPad Pro owners will now not have to invest in a third-party charger or bear slow charging times.

In fact, the new 18W USB-C charger is perfect for iPhone X/XS and iPhone XR owners as well. The 18W charger will be able to fast charge these devices, though one will also have to invest in a USB-C to Lightning cable which can be pretty expensive. But the investment will be worth it and one would be able to charge their iPhone from 0-50 percent in just 30 minutes with this charger.

Do note that while the 18W charger will charge the 2018 iPad Pro faster, it will not fast charge them from 0-50 percent in 30 minutes. That’s simply not possible due to the massive battery capacity of these tablets.

Are you glad that Apple has finally gotten around to including a faster 18W charger with its new iPad Pro lineup?