Phil Schiller Talks Extensively about the iPhone XR; Addresses 720p Display Resolution

Ahead of the iPhone XR launch later this week, Apple’s Phil Schiller sat down with Engadget’s Chris Velazco for an interview where he talks extensively about the device.

At the very beginning of the interview, Schiller makes it clear that the ‘S’ and ‘R’ Apple uses in the naming of its iPhones don’t really mean much. To him personally, S and R are used in extra special sports cars which he loves but otherwise, these alphabets don’t really stand for anything.

Schiller also talks about the iPhone X in the interview saying it was a “huge ask of the engineering team” to get the device to the market last year. Now, Apple is building on that by making the best features of the iPhone X/XS to more customers at a slightly lower price point.

“If we’re going to push the upper boundaries with XS and XS Max to make something the best, how do we make something that’s more affordable for a larger audience? To make the overall iPhone audience even larger? What choices can we make and still make it a phone that people can hold and say, ‘I have the best too’?”

Schiller addressed the low-resolution display of the iPhone XR head on. Unlike almost every other smartphone in the market, the 6.1-inch LCD display of the iPhone XR does not even feature Full HD resolution — it is actually slightly lower than that. This would have been forgiven on a $100 device but for a $799 device, this is pretty much unimaginable.

However, Schiller says that at a certain point, numbers stop meaning anything and if a human eye is unable to distinguish the individual pixels, the lower resolution display on the iPhone XR won’t make a difference.

“I think the only way to judge a display is to look at it,” he told me, adding that Apple calls these screens “retina displays” because your eye can’t discern individual pixels unless you press your face up right against the glass. “If you can’t see the pixels, at some point the numbers don’t mean anything. They’re fairly arbitrary.” And when asked if the screen was to blame for the XR’s staggered release, he simply said, “This is when it’s ready.”

Make sure to read the full interview by hitting the source link below since it definitely makes for an interesting read.

[Via Engadget]