Spotify Premium Updated With Improved Search, Better Personalized Radio Stations, and More

Spotify Premium gets a major update

Spotify, the largest competitor to Apple Music, has just released a major update to the platform, specifically for paying subscribers.

Spotify announced the update on Thursday, which brings with it plenty of oft-requested changes, more personalization, and more refinements to expand the platform’s music discovery features. The new search function is designed to help discover new music, with recommended genres placed at the top. It has also streamlined navigation as well, making it easier to get from one point to another within the app.

The biggest change comes in personalized artist radio stations, though. Spotify is using the same algorithms behind-the-scenes that makes Discover Weekly, and other personalized playlists, so fantastic. Spotify Premium users can now choose to create that personalized radio station for any artist they so desire, which, according to Spotify, is “endless”, so the music won’t stop playing while it fine tunes in the background what you like to listen to. The new radio station can even be saved for offline listening.

The one thing to be aware of, though, is that there won’t be any “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” with these personalized radio stations. Spotify is aiming for a great listening experience right out of the gate thanks those algorithms and each individual’s listening preferences, so there won’t be any fine-tuning on the end user’s part.

The other change is a reduction in tabs. There used to be five at the bottom of the app, but now there are only three. “Browse”, which used to be its own thing, is now essentially part of the “Search” function. “Radio” has been removed, too, with the option available once you search for an artist.

The new update is rolling out now for iOS and Android users. A link to download the app for iOS is available below.


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[via Spotify]