Tim Cook Talks Privacy, Spy Chips, and More in New Interview

Tim Cook sits down with CNN to discuss privacy and more

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, sat down with CNN to discuss a variety of topics, which included many hot button issues, including the spy chip story, privacy, and more.

Cook’s interview with the news agency took place in an Apple Store in Brussels. There, he spoke about privacy and regulation, and says that while he is not typically on the side of massive regulations, he does feel like the free market will not necessarily make it feasible to protect customers from some of the largest companies out there. Especially the ones that have created “surveillance operations” and promote their own profit over the data security of their users.

“You have more information in your devices than in your own home,” he said. “All of this information that is out there is too much. It is just too much. It should not exist.”

Cook added that this particular issue isn’t just in the laps of the tech giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft. There are a variety of firms out there in the wild that collect data. Cook sees privacy law as a “critical issue” for every country in the world, and believes that if they do not start to get a handle on it, it could become a problem that “gets so large it may be impossible to fix”.

As usual, Cook reiterates his belief that each individual’s data is their own, and they should be able to handle it as they see fit in transparent methods.

The other major topic at hand is the recent spy chip story from Bloomberg, which detailed how Chinese spies had managed to install specific chips on servers distributed to companies like Apple and Amazon by Super Micro. That story has fallen off the tracks since its initial publication, though, and Apple has repeatedly denied it, going as far to recently call upon Bloomberg to retract the story.

Cook repeats that sentiment in this interview, saying that the publication should retract the story because it is not “doing anybody any good to have fake information out there”. Cook states that cybersecurity is an important topic, and he believes the story does not help promote that discussion at all, but only does damage. He adds that people should be putting the focus “into protecting the companies, the country, but not chasing a ghost”.

You can check out the full interview, which is segmented into different topics, through the source link below.

[via CNN]