watchOS 5.1 Bricking Some Apple Watches

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Apple on Tuesday officially released the latest update for its Apple Watch lineup, but it looks like the software is causing some headaches.

It’s being passed around on social media right now that the watchOS 5.1 update, which launched several hours ago, is causing some Apple Watch units to brick up. For those running into the issue, the update process is running into a never-ending Apple logo loading screen. According to folks who are suffering the problem, restarting the Apple Watch and/or the iPhone that’s connected to the wearable is not fixing the issue.

Some Apple Watch owners have been waiting hours for the issue to resolve itself, one way or another, but nothing appears to be working. Some Apple Watch owners were instructed by Apple that the software update could take quite a long time to initialize and finish. However, some are simply not getting past that loading screen.

It’s not confirmed at this point, but it appears that the majority of those affected by the issue are using the Apple Watch Series 4. And, at the time of publication, Apple has not yet pulled the software update to make sure that others aren’t hit with the bricked Apple Watch.

However, if this issue does spread it is certainly possible that Apple does decide to pull the software update, and, as a result, issue the same software in a separate update at a later date. For those who have run into the issue, though, some are being told that Apple will be sending out a replacement Apple Watch to replace their bricked unit.

Have you run into this issue?