Amazon Reportedly Looking to Expand Amazon Pay at Gas Stations, Restaurants, and More

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While Apple was definitely not the first company to launch a mobile payment option, it was the arrival of Apple Pay that sent the market into overdrive.

As a result of Apple jumping into the mix, mobile payment options proliferated. Google even rebranded its own option, hoping to get a bigger slice of the pay with Google Pay. And we can’t forget the efforts of Walmart and Walmart Pay. There are a variety of others, like CVS Pay — but then decided that Apple Pay was perfectly acceptable, too, as a way to checkout at pharmacies.

Amazon Pay has been around for years. It actually launched in 2007 if you can believe it. But obviously the option has not really picked up a lot of steam in the same way as the other options have. But Amazon wants to change that, according to anonymous sources speaking with The Wall Street Journal. Amazon is currently looking to expand Amazon Pay in a big way, with a primary focus on gas stations and restaurants to start.

However, Amazon is also looking at other retailers as well, ones that don’t directly compete with Amazon’s own expanding retail efforts (which seems pretty difficult at this point, all things considered).

Details are still light at this point. The report does not include any information as to how potential future customers would actually use the service at those places of business. Currently, Amazon uses QR codes in its own retail stores, and that is an easy option to adopt for businesses. But it is also possible that Amazon leans into NFC as well, similar to what Apple, Google, and others have done.

No word on an expected rollout, either. However, considering this is Amazon and the weight it can put behind an initiative, it feels like if the company really wants Amazon Pay out there in the world in a bigger way, it will happen pretty quickly. If Amazon Pay does expand to restaurants and gas stations, would you use it over Apple Pay?

[via WSJ]