Apple Approves India’s Do Not Disturb App and Avoids iPhone Ban

Apple Australia

Back in July, Apple faced an impending iPhone ban in India if it did not comply with the region’s telecom regulator, TRAI.

The telecom regulator had been waiting for Apple to implement an anti-spam feature within iOS, but without it, India was left little room to work with. As a result of lacking that particular feature, the Indian regulatory body was ready to impose an iPhone ban, especially if Apple did not approve of a government-regulated Do Not Disturb app by January of next year. While Apple technically still had some room before the deadline, it looks like the app has been approved and is now available in the iOS App Store for iPhones.

The app is called TRAI DND – Do Not Disturb, and it’s primary focus is to stop unwanted calls and/or texts from reaching Indian customers — which has become a major issue in the region:

“Reports have suggested that the average person receives upwards of 10 unwanted calls and messages in a given day, which the app combats by letting users join a “do not disturb” registry and allowing them to report unwanted contacts.”

Apple’s stance against the app was due to privacy issues, as Apple wanted to make sure that the app, despite being government-regulated, did not provide a user’s call or message logs to the authorities. However, with the app being approved and available in the App Store, it remains unknown if Apple actually made sure this particular requirement was reached, or if it simply ignored that initial demand in an effort to avoid the looming iPhone ban.

You can find a link to the free DND app below. It requires at least iOS 12.1 to run.


[via VentureBeat]