Apple’s Latest ‘Shot on iPhone’ Ad Shows Off ‘Japan’s Decorated Trucks’

Apple's 'Shot on iPhone' and Lady Misaki

The iPhone XS features Apple’s best smartphone camera to date, and so it stands to reason the company would want to keep showing off its capabilities.

That latest effort comes in the form of the newest ad produced by Apple, which shows off decotora, the extravagantly decorated trucks that travel around Japan. The new ad is longer than usual, measuring in at over two minutes, and the images were all captured by the iPhone XS.

In the video we can hear narration from Sekino Kazuya as he shows off his truck, Misaki-Jou, or “Lady Misaki”. Here is how Apple describes the new “Shot on iPhone” ad:

“Step into the world of decotora, Japan’s lavishly decorated trucks, where drivers’ livelihood and passion meet in one extravagant machine. Shot on iPhone XS.”

“Lady Misaki” is a sight to behold, that’s for sure. It’s heavily decorated with hundreds of LED lights, plus a variety of other objects both inside and out. Apple is clearly aiming to show off the low-light photography capabilities of the iPhone XS, and it appears to have done just yet.

Here is the ad:

What do you think of Apple’s latest “Shot on iPhone” ad? Back in July we saw the company publish three ads, all focused on football (or soccer, if you prefer). And most recently the company showcased photos captured with the iPhone XS and the iPhone XR.