Apple is Reportedly Not Interested ‘At Any Level’ in Settling Qualcomm Dispute Out of Court

The battle between Apple and Qualcomm is ongoing, and, according to a new report from Reuters, it doesn’t sound like Apple has any interest in settling out of court.

The publication is reporting on Wednesday, in light of information gathered from unnamed sources, that Apple is not currently in talks “at any level” with Qualcomm to settle the lingering matter between the two companies out of court. At this stage, Qualcomm is insisting that Apple owes it upwards of $7 billion in unpaid royalties, which Apple obviously rejects outright. The latest report indicates that Apple plans on fighting this in court for as long is necessary.

“A source familiar with the situation said this week that there are no settlement talks between Apple and Qualcomm.

‘There is absolutely no meaningful discussion taking place between us and Qualcomm, and there is no settlement in sight,’ the person said. ‘We are gearing up for trial.'”

Qualcomm’s run of luck is starting to get a bit bumpy, too. Most recently it was reported that the company must license key modem patents to outside companies, including Intel, which is a major blow to the chipmaker (even if it can still charge high fees for access to those patents). Still, back in September it sounded like Qualcomm was hopeful that it would be working with Apple again one day, with the company’s CEO, Steve Mollenkopf, saying that the “leadership technology” aspects of both companies would trump the “business relationship” that can get frustrating at times.

As of right now, it doesn’t sound like Apple sees that being the case anytime soon. Especially with reports that the iPhone maker already has its sights set on using Intel for future iPhones with 5G on board, which are rumored to launch in 2020.

It was reported that Qualcomm had revamped its patent deals, which boiled down to an effort to get Apple back in line with how the working partnership had functioned up until the current dustup. It is also worth noting that Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, is still scheduled to be deposed on June 27.

News reports have been popping up regarding an ongoing dispute between chip manufacturer Qualcomm and Apple, with both companies leveling legal teams at one another over issues most concerned with patents and patent royalty payments.

Qualcomm even filed to block the sales of iPhones in the United States, and called out the iPhone and iPhone 8 in its own legal efforts. Meanwhile, Apple’s own efforts saw moves in the legal system, but also a huge shift towards introducing only Intel-based chips into its future iPhones, basically excising Qualcomm from the conversation from 2018 onward.

Basically, it doesn’t sound like this situation is going anywhere anytime soon.

[via Reuters]