Apple Offering Free Accessory to Some Apple Watch Owners Whose Units Were Bricked with watchOS 5.1

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Late last month, Apple released watchOS 5.1 for Apple Watch which ended up bricking the wearable for many. Apple was quick to pull the update following the bricking reports, though for many eager Apple Watch owners, the damage was already done. 

Since the Apple Watch cannot be physically connected to a PC, owners of bricked Apple Watch units had to send it to Apple for a repair or replacement. Apple’s customer support was flooded with calls from bricked Apple Watch owners and the replacement experience was likely not the same for everyone. To make up for the inconvenience, Apple seems to be offering affected customers a free accessory as a gift. The company has not made any official announcement whatsoever regarding this but over on Reddit, a bunch of Apple Watch owners have shared their stories of how Apple allowed them to pick a gift for themselves for the inconvenience caused.

Apple is offering affected Apple Watch owners as much as a Link Bracelet which costs $500. Other users have asked and received a free AirPods or any other watch band for their Apple Watch.

If you were caused any inconvenience during the process of sending your existing Apple Watch and getting a new one for any reason whatsoever, you should contact Apple’s customer support and inform them about the same. In particular, if your Apple Watch is covered under Apple Care, Apple should have sent you a replacement watch overnight. If that did not happen, you should definitely inform Apple’s customer support about it.

Do note that Apple is giving a gift to affected customers for whom the replacement process did not go smoothly. It is not offering them a free accessory just for bricking the watch. Plus, there’s no guarantee that Apple will let you pick a free accessory for a small and minor inconvenience. Nonetheless, there’s definitely no harm in trying.

How was your experience dealing with Apple’s customer support in getting your bricked Apple Watch repaired or replaced? Was it a smooth sailing? Or did it take longer than usual?