Apple Has Contributed $200 Million to PRODUCT(RED) in the Fight Against AIDS

Apple launches (PRODUCT)RED strap for the Apple Watch

Apple has launched several different PRODUCT(RED) devices in the past, including the iPhone XR, an Apple Watch strap, and previous iPhone generations.

Those devices and accessories have all contributed towards that Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, tweeted out today his and the company’s proud support of the initiative as a whole, and linked to a quick profile of several different healthcare workers in the region that are working to stop the stigma and spread of HIV.

Here’s the tweet:

Within the healthcare worker profile, it’s said that Apple has contributed upwards of $200 million over the years. That makes Apple the organization’s largest corporate donor to date. And, since PRODUCT(RED) was founded by Bono (the lead singer of the band U2) and Bobby Shriver, the organization as a whole has been able to raise $600 million in the fight against the ferocious disease.

“…have been supported by Apple’s (RED) partnership since 2012.

Since its founding by Bono and Bobby Shriver, (RED) has raised more than $600 million to support the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, $200 million of which has come from its partnership with Apple, the organization’s largest corporate donor.”

The healthcare worker in Africa within the profile is named Dotty, and while she is working with another person, she reveals that she, too, is HIV-positive. The story therein is certainly powerful and worth a read, which you can do through the source link below.

Have you purchased any of the PRODUCT(RED) devices that Apple has launched? If so, which one(s)?

[via Apple]