Best Black Friday 2018 Deals on iPhone Apps and iPad Apps

You don’t even need to step out of the house to get the best Black Friday deals. We’ve already outlined some of the best online deals for Macs, iPhone and iPads. Now it’s time to talk about awesome deals for iOS apps and games.

iPhone and iPad Apps

Affinity Photo: $19.99 > $13.99: A feature-rich photo editor for iPhone and iPad.

Affinity Designer: $19.99 > $13.99: A desktop class illustration and design app for iPad.

Halide: $5.99 > $3.99: The must-have camera app for every iPhone user. Capture photos in RAW, with depth effect and more.

Be Focused Pro – Focus Timer: $2.99 > $0.99: A focus timer with Pomodoro and goal tracking features.

Fantastical 2 for iPhone: $4.99 -> $1.99: The best calendar app for iPhone.

Fantastical 2 for iPad: $4.99 -> $1.99: The best calendar app for iPad.

Cards – Business Card Scanner: $1:99 > Free: The best app to automatically scan, save and file business cards.

PinTrip: Mark Your Places: $1.99 > $0.99: The best way to mark and organize the places you’ve been.

Deliveries: $4.99 > $3.99: The best package tracker for iOS.

Jump Desktop: $14.99 > $7.99: A fast and secure remote desktop app for iPhone and iPad.

Awesome Note 2: $3.99 > $2.99: An all in one app for notes, to-do, calendar, and task management.

Screens: $19.99 > $13.99: The best remote desktop and VNC app for iOS and macOS.

iPhone and iPad Games

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier: $4.99 > Free: An interactive storytelling game based in the Walking Dead universe.

Star Wars®: Knights of the Old Republic™: $9.99 > $2.99: A Star Wars RPG game in your pocket.

Suzy Cube: $3.99 > $0.99: A 3D platformer, perfected for iOS devices.

Alto’s Odyssey: $4.99 > $2.99: A beautiful endless snowboarding game, set in a dessert.

Old Man’s Journey: $4.99 > $1.99: A soul-searching adventure about life’s precious moments, broken dreams, and changed plans.

Shadowmatic: $3.99 > $1.99: An imagnation-stirring puzzle game.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP: $3.99 > $0.99: Sword & Sworcery EP is an exploratory action adventure with an emphasis on audiovisual style.

Umiro: $2.99 > $0.99: A surreal puzzle game.

Type:Rider: $2.99 > $1.99: Learn about the history of typography while playing a fun adventure puzzle game.

Reckless Racing 3: $2.99 > $0.99: An incredibly fun drag style arcade racing game.

Valleys Between: $2.99 > $1.99: Create, grow and nurture an entire world right on your iOS device.

After the End Forsaken Destiny: $3.99 > $0.99: An intriguing puzzle game.

Agent A: A puzzle in disguise: $4.99 > $0.99: An episodic take of espionage spanning five chapters.

Hitman Sniper: $0.99 > Free: The ultimate sniper game on iOS.

XCOM®: Enemy Within: $4.99 > $1.99: A standalone expansion to the 2012 strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Civilization Revolution 2: $9.99 > $1.99: Build a civilization, right on your iOS device.

Spaceplan: $2.99> $0.99: SPACEPLAN is an experimental piece of interaction based partly on a total misunderstanding of Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time.

Mushroom 11: $4.99 > $1.99: A shape-shifting puzzler.

NBA 2K19: $6.99 > $4.99: The best NBA game on iPhone, now a bit cheaper.

Don’t Starve: $4.99 > $0.99: Enjoy the hit PC game now on your iPhone.

Truck Simulator 2: $4.99 > $1.99: Become a trucker and build your empire right on your iPhone.

Legacy 2: $1.99 > $0.99: A challenging 3D puzzle game.

Your Favorite Deals

What are some of your favorite deals this Black Friday? Share with us in the comments below.