Best Black Friday 2018 Deals on iTunes Gift Cards

If you’re looking to buy an iTunes gift card this Black Friday, you are in luck as Amazon is offering a 20 prevent discount on them.

Deals on $100 iTunes Gift Card

The discount is only on the $100 gift card which means you can pick it up for $80. You can find the deal below, just make sure to use the coupon code ITUNES20 during checkout to avail the discount.

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Costco is also offering a similar 20 percent discount on an iTunes gift card. It is actually slightly better than that of Amazon as you’ll only have to pay $79.49 which means you’ll save 51 cents more. Plus, you don’t have to use any coupon code to be eligible for the discount as well.

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This is easily the best deal you’ll find all year on a $100 iTunes gift card. Usually, retailers offer a 15 percent discount on a $100 iTunes gift card.

eBay is also offering discounts on the $100 iTunes Gift card, though its discount is slightly lower. It is discounting the gift card by 15 percent thereby bringing its price down to $85.

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Deals on Other iTunes Gift Card

If you are looking for a lower denomination gift card, other retailers are offering discounts on them as well.

  • Best Buy is offering the $50 gift card for $40 – Deal
  • Target has a Buy 1, Get 30 percent off on another iTunes Gift card – Deal

You can use an iTunes gift card towards app purchases on the iOS App Store. Additionally, it can also be used for purchases in the iBooks Store, and the iTunes Store towards your purchase of music, movies, and more. You can also use the iTunes gift card towards an Apple Music subscription which would essentially help you score a subscription to the music streaming service at a discount.