The Successor to Vine is Called Byte and it Launches in 2019

Byte is the Vine replacement you've been waiting for

It has been a while now since Twitter acquired the looping video service Vine and then subsequently shut it down. But the co-creator of that original effort is back with a new app.

The successor to Vine, what was one of the most popular apps out there before its untimely demise, is called Byte, and it is created by the co-creator of Vine, Dom Hofmann. This is actually not the first time we’ve heard about this new creation. What was formerly known as “Vine version 2”, or simply “v2”, is how this all started. However, back in November of last year it was reported that v2 had been delayed indefinitely, suggesting we may never see Hofmann’s new Vine replacement.

The reasons for that indefinite delay were many, including Hofmann’s day job, funding, and more. But it looks like funding, at the very least, has been figured out, because things are now moving forward. According to Hofmann we will see the new app, now called Byte, launch in the spring of next year.

Unfortunately that’s all we know about this upcoming app, as far as a release date is concerned. No specific date to circle on the calendar just yet. Still, as a successor to Vine, we should expect to see a platform that allows for short, looping videos.

It will be interesting to see how this impacts another super popular app right now, TikTok. As we reported recently, this app has been downloaded a lot of times. Though, it is worth noting that TikTok isn’t necessarily a Vine replacement, so maybe we can live in a time where both apps are wildly successful and popular.

[via The Verge; @dhof]